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For decades we have been taught the same paradigm of weight loss: If I choose to eat less and exercise more, I will lose weight! Every diet, from Atkins or Nutrisystem to Weight Watchers or Zone is based on this idea in some way. And, if you don’t lose weight and/or gain weight on one of these plans, then clearly it’s your fault.

  • How many plans have YOU tried?
  • How many pounds have you lost? And gained? And lost again?
  • How much guilt and shame do you have regarding food?
  • How confused are you by all of the information available in magazines, on Facebook, in the news or given to you by well-meaning friends, trainers or doctors?
  • How many times have you told yourself you will “start again on Monday”?
  • How many times have you blamed your weight struggles on a lack of willpower or self control?

What if there was absolutely nothing wrong with you, but EVERYTHING wrong with the outdated idea that weight loss is simply a balanced equation of calories in/calories out?

Nutrition Counseling at Advanced Wellness Centre takes into account the whole person: body, mind, soul. Grounded in solid nutrition knowledge, we recognize that there are as many “perfect diets” on this planet as there are human beings to eat them! Our nutrition counseling takes into account not only what you eat, but also the context in which you eat it. Meaningful and sustained weight loss is accomplished not by balancing calories in/calories out, but rather by balancing four critical areas of life: food, sleep, stress, and activity.

At AWC, each session is tailored to YOU, the individual. Sessions can cover any number of topics, based on the YOUR needs, such as basic nutrition education, management of your health conditions, dealing with cravings, binge eating or struggles with body image. Our model empowers YOU as an active participant in the design and implementation of your personalized plan.