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Advanced Wellness Centre Herniated Disc Treatment From Your Chiropractor in Richmond

Welcome to Advanced Wellness Centre, where your chiropractor in Richmond treats a range of injuries with natural healing methods. If you have a bulging, slipped, or herniated disc, let us provide treatment. Learn to recognize the symptoms of a herniated disc and how we can help.

doctor and patient looking a vertebrae

What is a Herniated Disc? 

Your spine has two components: Bones or vertebrae and discs that act as a cushion between the bones. The way you walk, sit, and perform other daily activities places pressure on your spine. Over time, the vertebrae compress. This sometimes causes the gel within the spinal discs to leak out. When this happens, you feel pain where the vertebrae glide against one another as well as nerve pain referred to your back, neck, shoulders, or limbs. 

While the main symptom of a herniated disc is pain, some people also experience muscle fatigue or weakness. The exact location of the pain depends on where the slipped disc lies, such as the neck, the upper back, or the lower back. 

Some people have sustained a herniated disc yet experience no symptoms. In this case, it's all the more important to treat the injury before it affects other parts of the spine. 

If you are overweight or work in a physically demanding position, you're more likely to develop a herniated disc. The condition can also run in families, so if you have a family history of herniated discs, regular checkups from our chiropractor can be useful. 

If you experience back pain, visit our chiropractor. We'll check everything out and provide bulging disc treatment. 

Our Approach to Herniated Disc Treatment in Richmond VA

There are other conditions that mimic the symptoms of a herniated disc, such as sciatica or a pinched nerve. Part of bulging disc treatment in our VA chiropractor's office is making sure we're treating you for the right condition. When you visit Advanced Wellness Centre, we'll take a health history, watch you walk, examine your reflexes, and check your spine. We may perform x-rays if we think it's necessary. 

Our decompression table allows us to use the non-invasive spinal decompression method for bulging disc treatment. As you lie on our table, a traction mechanism moves your trunk and torso to provide a gentle stretch to the spine. Through a series of treatments, spinal decompression reverses compression of the spine, so your discs and vertebrae have more room. 

Chiropractic adjustments allow us to reverse your spine's compression, so your spinal fluid can get back inside the disc. Chiropractic adjustments move oxygen, water, and rich nutrients through the spinal column, providing nourishment the bones and discs need. 

Reserve Your Appointment at Advanced Wellness Centre

Are you ready to speak with your chiropractor in Richmond about herniated disc treatment? We are currently accepting new patients and look forward to helping you find natural pain relief. Make your appointment on our website, or give us a call today at  (804) 673-9355.